34-year-old Dominic Fuller probably had a much different vision in mind about how he’d someday go out of this world.

The heavily-tattooed man had an extensive rap sheet that included 17 arrests and 32 charges, spread across four states.

Most who take one look at him would assume that when it was his time to go, it would likely be with two fists flying or two guns a-blazing ‘til the end. He probably assumed the same. But that just wasn’t the case.

No…ol’ Dominic was snatched from this world after an intense back-and-forth and duck-and-cover, eventually involving SWAT, then pointing a stapler.

Polk County Sheriff’s deputies in Florida had been investigating a shooting that occurred on September 13th, and Dominic was a suspect. But they received a call about a drug-dealing outside an Auburndale home on September 21st, and when they arrived on the scene, Dominic Fuller saw them and fled on foot.


Multiple witnesses saw him trying to get into cars and homes, and at least one witness claims that he yelled out that he had a gun.

Eventually, deputies located him outside a home and ordered him to surrender. He then ducked inside the house. When he came back out, he seemed intent on only showing his left hand. When his right hand came into view, it was raised and pointing a black and chrome object. A deputy fired five shots.

Dominic then fled back into the house. Two hours later, SWAT decided to storm that house. He was found inside, dead, with a gunshot wound to his upper body.

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said, “We don’t choose to shoot people. People choose for us to shoot them.”

Sheriff Judd also added that Dominic Fuller had created ‘a perfect storm’ by convincing his deputies that he was armed.

As per protocol, the deputy who fired the shots is on administrative leave. The investigation is ongoing and includes the sheriff’s office, the state attorney’s office, and the medical examiner’s office.