Christina Marie Curtis, 25, of Fort Walton Beach, was arrested last month for the alleged incidents at Kids Discovery Learning Center in Valparaiso, Florida.

The four young boys who were between the ages of 13 and 21 months were all fine in the morning but later had difficulty standing or walking, the Panama City News Herald reports.

Medical personnel determined they had suffered leg fractures from the events on May 21.

One mother Terika Graham told the News Herald that she had instructed Curtis to keep her child inside on the day of the alleged incident because he had a rash.

But upon picking him up, she claimed to find ‘dirt all in his hair’ and wasn’t given an explanation for three days. She believes Curtis may have let him crawl around outside.

Graham said her son suffered a hairline fracture but is healing-well. His injuries were not as serious as the other three children

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