The remains of a woman who died in an apparent dumpster-diving mishap have been discovered in a landfill.

Stephanie Cox, 30, disappeared on January 30 after climbing into a dumpster behind the Alamance Crossing shopping center in Burlington, North Carolina.

Stephanie Cox, 30, was reported missing to the Greensboro Police Department on January 30. Her vehicle was found unattended in a service drive behind a row of businesses in Burlington, and police determined the vehicle had not been reported stolen.
After an investigation, police said they believed Cox was attempting to collect things from a dumpster shortly after midnight and that she did not exit the dumpster prior to its being serviced at 1:47 a.m. According to the police, Cox’s family said that it was not uncommon for her to collect items from dumpsters.

A review of associated video shows that she arrived alone and that no one else was on the property until the garbage truck arrived to service the dumpster, police said.

“This case brings to light the dangers associated with collections from dumpsters,” Burlington Police said. “The commonly known practice of ‘dumpster diving’ is not safe.”

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