21-year-old Nathan Glenville of Union, Missouri doesn’t take rejection too well.

When he received disciplinary action from the Target store where he worked after a female coworker he’d been hitting on spurned his advances, he went crazy.

He went to his car in the parking lot, jumped onto Facebook and wrote, “going to do something big,” then rammed his car through the front doors.

The store, which was closed at the time, received some $20,000 in damages. But to add insult to Mr. Glenville’s injured ego, when he tried to get out of the car, a shopping cart was stopping him. So, being the new-found badass he was, he simply climbed through the window to escape.

Just as he did, he proceeded to fall head over heels again – this time into said shopping cart. His feet sticking up in the air for a time, he finally righted himself, grabbed something from his car, and ran off.

In doing so, he tried to commit suicide by attempting to get hit by a passing car. It failed.

He now faces multiple felony charges, including first degree property damage and resisting arrest.
He’s being held on a $75,000 cash bond.