Miami mother forces daughter in prostitution, drug abuse 37 year old Suzanne Bobbie Calana was arrested last week by Miami police in what Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle said was one of the worst cases she had ever seen.

The 16 year old girl ran away from her grandmother, her legal custodian, to live with her mother this past May. Calana had lost custody of her daughter after a series of drug arrests.The pair lived on the streets and became addicted to cocaine, crack, and Xanax. In order to fund their drug habit, Calana coerced her daughter into selling her body. “The victim explained that she learned about prostitution from her mother. The victim recalled instances where her and her mother engaged in sexual activities with men, while in the same room, in exchange for money.” said the official report.

Eventually, Calana allowed her daughter to live with Lawrence Martin, 43, a suspected drug dealer and pimp. Martin required the teenager to earn at least $150 per day. He allegedly had sex with her and gave her drugs on a frequent basis.Calana faces charges of human trafficking, furnishing drugs, and interfering with custody. Martin has also been charged in the case.

“Every time you’ve think you’ve seen the worst case, another one comes along that is hard to believe,” said Rundle.