A drug dealer has been sentenced to 24 years in prison for selling oxycodone to a female friend and texting her instructions on how to kill herself with the drug.

Anthony James ‘AJ’ Edward Hunt, 24, was sentenced on Tuesday after pleading guilty to distribution of oxycodone resulting in death.

Rachel Bandman, a 19-year-old public relations major and sorority member at the University of South Carolina, was found dead of an overdose at her apartment near the school’s Columbia campus in January 2016 after Hunt, a close friend, sold her oxycodone, knowing that she intended to use it to kill herself.

Bandman, who suffered from depression, had purchased Xanax tablets from Hunt days before her death after telling the then-21-year-old dealer of her desire to commit suicide, according to prosecutors.

During a court hearing, US Attorney Ben Garner read text conversations between Hunt and Bandman.

‘It’s frustrating how I can’t die,’ Bandman messaged Hunt after she ingested 20 Xanax pills, according to court transcripts.

‘I don’t know how the f**k 20 didn’t work,’ Hunt replied.

Bandman asked Hunt to supply her with more pills to try to kill herself again, but her second attempt failed as well.

Hunt then sold Bandman 10 30-milligram oxycodone tablets and texted her instructions about how many she would need to take, along with two other unspecified substances, for a fatal overdose.

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