27-year-old Cory Mathias made a sound decision – he decided he shouldn’t get behind the wheel when he suddenly had a hankering for some BBQ sauce to go with his chicken dinner. That was just about the end of any sound mind he’d had.

He asked his neighbor’s 9-year-old son, who’d already been invited over for the dinner, to do the driving to the Pit Stop store in Tiffin, Ohio.

When the two were leaving the store, Cory’s soundness tried to reemerge, but had a debacle: get behind the wheel hammered…or have a 9-year-old do it again? He chose the latter. That being said, the clerks at the store weren’t going to let that happen. They stopped him from letting the boy climb back into the driver’s seat.

So, he got behind the wheel himself and drove off. He was pulled over a short time later and arrested after blowing a .30 blood-alcohol reading – nearly four times the legal limit.

Mathias, whose license was suspended in 2014 for ‘continued drinking,’ and who was found lying partially nude on a lawn in 2013, was charged with operating a vehicle while intoxicated.

The boy’s parents hadn’t known of Mr. Mathias’ impairment.


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