Shame on those ignorant infidels for telling the public to drink plenty of fluids during the day to avoid dehydration. Don’t they know that Muslims are required to fast (no food or water) from sunrise to senset everyday during the month of Ramadamadingdong?

Video transcript:

00:00 I’m listening the radio, and I’m totally shocked by what I hear, or rather

00:04 by what I don’t hear. So I’m listening to messages about prevention

00:08 from the moderators, all types of radio —

00:12 except France Inter 2 of course — and in fact I realize that

00:16 they broadcast a lot of messages about prevention: drink a lot of water, stay hydrated,

00:20 and I am shocked

00:24 by the lack of consideration from all the media

00:28 for Muslims. That means that [unintelligible]

00:32 there is not a single message that says “have courage” to the Muslims of France

00:36 who are fasting. Well, you do need to know that we are between 5-7 million

00:40 French Muslims, that it’s been

00:44 40-50 years since there was a big wave of immigration of Muslim people,

00:48 without counting the converts, that it’s even longer

00:52 that the Muslim community

00:56 has been a known community, and I don’t understand

01:01 why we aren’t being considered. We are considered

01:05 when there is an attack, in order to create amalgams [mixing Islam and terrorism],

01:09 to surf on fear, to turn us into scapegoats, while

01:13 those people [terrorists] aren’t Muslims. And we are forced to

01:17 disassociate ourselves from them, as if, subconsciously, we were in solidarity with that.

01:21 And

01:25 when it’s about reaching out to the other in peace, to show that

01:29 they consider that community, well, then, there’s nobody.

01:33 It’s perfect indifference. And today, in fact, I don’t understand

01:37 this attitude. I don’t understand it and I don’t accept it.

01:41 Because, it might look like nothing, but

01:45 it’s simply incomprehensible, it’s simply unacceptable!

01:49 It doesn’t mean that we need this message to move forward!

01:53 It doesn’t mean that we need this message — ourselves — in order to continue the fast!

01:57 No, not at all!