PORN STAR and WWE legend Sunny has been arrested on contempt of court and fugitive of justice charges and could be facing upto five years in jail, according to reports

The 45-year-old, real name Tammy Sytch, is said to be behind bars in New Jersey with cops describing her as a “fugitive from justice.”

TMZ broke the news this morning that the WWE Hall of Famer was locked up again and is being held on £1,800 bond.

According to Monmouth County Sheriffs’ Office, Sytch is facing six charges of Contempt – Disobedience/resistance.

The charges are related to Sytch not appearing before the court in two different jurisdictions.

There is still no word on the exact circumstances of the situation that led to her being cuffed in New Jersey.


A former Disney star is being accused of armed robbery. Police say the robber in the footage obtained by TMZ has a gun under his arm and forces a scared victim to hand over his possessions. Police have charged former Disney star Adam Hicks with the crime. The getaway driver is allegedly his girlfriend, Danni Tamburo, 23, who is also an actress. Hicks, 25, who stars in Hulu’s “Freakish,” has been charged with two counts of second-degree robbery and three counts of attempted second-degree robbery.

Former American football star and double murder suspect OJ Simpson has been freed on parole after nine years in prison for an armed robbery in Las Vegas. Simpson, now 70, spent nine years behind bars for a 2007 armed confrontation with two sports memorabilia traders in a Las Vegas hotel room. He was sentenced to up to 33 years, but won parole in July due to good behavior and other credits earned in custody. Simpson was acquitted in 1995 of murder charges in the 1994 slayings of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson, 35, and her friend Ronald Goldman, 25, in what was arguably the most highly publicized murder trial in recent history.


Hefner founded Playboy in 1953 with $600 of his own money and built the magazine into a multimillion-dollar entertainment empire that at its 1970s peak included TV shows, a jazz festival and a string of Playboy Clubs whose cocktail waitresses wore bunny ears and cottontails.

Over the years, the legend of “Hef” only grew as he bedded hundreds of young women, married a few of his magazine’s “Playmates” and cavorted on reality TV shows with a stable of girlfriends less than a third his age.

Two unidentified men opened fire on Anthony ‘Fif’ Soares in the lobby of a building in Toronto just before 3am last Thursday. Toronto Police have now released footage of the horrific shooting in a bid to track down Soares’ killers. The graphic footage showed the 33-year-old standing in the lobby trying to buzz into the building when the two hooded men ran up and fired shots through the glass door. Drake took to Instagram to mourn his friend in the hours after his death and declared that it was an ‘honor’ to have known him.


Despite Floyd Mayweather being the one who made numerous statements that outraged most people in the LGBTQ community, folks over at CNN decided to twist the story into Connor McGregor, the loser of the match, actually being the one who offended a lot of people.

McGregor was labeled a racist for using the phrase “boy” towards Mayweather, a phrase which you can hear him use numerous times throughout his career directed at people of all color.

CNN’s Libtard reporter also suggests that perhaps Connor McGregor is homophobic, despite it being Floyd Mayweather who actually called McGregor a ‘faggot’.

Once again, CNN proves there are incapable of not slandering all white people as racist homophobes.


Oscar called out the truth. The whole fight was a sham and a money grab. Anyone who thinks differently is deluded. Mayweather could have ended that fight VERY quickly but he put on a show so people wouldn’t whine about spending all that money. Sugar Ray Leonard called the fight garbage in an interview and then was one of the announcers for it. Money was being thrown around like candy. Oscar called them out on it. Good for him.


Sometimes things just get crazy at Britney Spears’ shows in Las Vegas.

For example, a fan rushed the stage during Wednesday night’s performance and was tackled by security.

No one is quite sure what the fan’s intentions were when they ran on stage, but security guards weren’t going to wait and see. Several guards sprung into action and jumped on the fan before they were able to get to Britney.

According to TMZ, Britney’s knee could be seen buckling during the incident and she asked a security guard if the fan had a gun.

Spears was rushed backstage, but later came out to finish the show.

Spears performs at Planet Hollywood on the Las Vegas Strip.


Tiger Woods, who was arrested for Driving Under the Influence in Florida on Monday, blamed the incident on an adverse reaction to prescribed medications. In a statement released on Monday night, Woods said that alcohol wasn’t involved in the arrest and that he had an unforeseen reaction to prescribed medications. “I understand the severity of what I did and I take full responsibility for my actions,” Woods said. “I want the public to know that alcohol was not involved.”

Conrad Hilton (top right) unleashed a homophobic and racist tirade at police while he was being arrested for allegedly stealing a car and violating a restraining order imposed by his ex-girlfriend (left) early Saturday morning in Los Angeles. Police say the 23-year-old Hilton Hotel heir was arrested shortly before 5am Saturday at a home in the Hollywood Hills. He allegedly was in a Bentley (bottom right) owned by his ex-girlfriend’s father. Video footage of his arrest shows Hilton being detained by officers outside the home of his ex-girlfriend’s mother, E.G. Daily, an actress and singer. In the footage, Hilton is seen accusing one of the officers of groping him in an intimate area.