Certified nursing assistant Antonia Pascal saw an ad for a nursing assistant/home health aide assistant position on a community board. She then arranged to meet with Miami Beach, Florida’s Howard Harlib for an interview. When she arrived, however, she got much more than she bargained for.

He identified himself as Dr. Allen and told her she’d be paid $40,000 a year if she was chosen to help care for one of his patients. When the questions started, it got real weird real quick.

Ms. Pascal was asked if she would be uncomfortable if a patient masturbated in front of her or touched her breasts, and whether or not she knew how to take a patient’s temperature rectally. When she expressed curiosity for the bizarre questions, he told her, “Well, sometimes a patient can touch your breasts. Is that okay?” before then explaining that some patient’s masturbate ‘because they can’t help themselves’ and that sometimes temperatures had to be taken rectally.

Despite her concerns, she agreed to meet with Howard again. She assumed she’d be meeting with the prospective patient at that time. He asked her to bring a pack of cigarettes back with her and asked her what she’d be wearing and what kind of car she’d be driving.

She then claims that after some small talk, he tried to shove a thermometer between her buttocks over her clothes to show her the proper way to take a temperature. He also allegedly grabbed her breasts.

When he saw how uncomfortable she’d suddenly become, he purportedly offered her a Valium and apologized to her.

During their conversation, she told the doctor, who it turns out isn’t a doctor at all, that she had a 20-year-old daughter. At that time, he asked her if if this daughter would ever be able to fill in for her if she was unable to make it to work that day. She explained that her daughter wasn’t qualified to do so, and as a result, wouldn’t be able to.

She recorded part of the conversation and has turned it over to authorities.

62-year-old Howard Harlib was arrested Thursday for battery and practicing medicine without a license.

He admits to meeting with Antonia, but says he only touched her arm.

It turns out that Mr. Harlib was on probation for the exact same charges from a previous incident.