Female The network published footage from surveillance cameras installed in the office of a microfinance organization located in Volzhsky – a city in the Volgograd region. The moment of unsuccessful robbery is recorded on the record, as a result of which the offender suffered a complete fiasco.

The record shows how a man with a knife burst into the room, attacking a woman manager. The employee was not confused and disarmed the attacker, simultaneously pressing the alarm button to call the alarm group.

After some time, the suspect was detained by law enforcement officials. According to local media , with reference to the press service of the regional police, it turned out to be a 30-year-old local resident, who already has six criminal convictions.

It is noteworthy that law enforcement officers found him at the moment when the criminal unsuccessfully tried to wrest a handbag from the hands of a passerby on the street.

According to some reports, he went on a crime to raise money for the purchase of drugs.

It is known that at present the detainee has become a defendant in the criminal case under the articles “Robbery” and “Robbery”. In the future, he can go to jail for up to ten years.

Whether the 34-year-old lady who rebuffed the attacker suffered is not specified. Manager Took the Knife from the Robber

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