A Florida bus driver has been charged after sexually assaulting at least two special needs students on his bus.

72-year-old Carlos Ojeda was collared after, according to the arrest report, a student at Horizons Elementary School watched him put his hands down the pants of two different female students on separate occasions on the school bus. That student then told a school counselor about the incidents.

The victims are both under the age of 12.

Surveillance video from the bus shows him on April 8th, 11th, and 12th standing in the stairwell of the bus while it was parked at the school. He’s then seen motioning to the victims to approach him before showing them a piece of candy.

Once the victims were within arm’s length, he would pull her toward him, sexually assault her, then give her candy.

He admitted to authorities that he did this to two girls a total of eight times.

Investigators, however, aren’t taking chances and are looking into the possibility of more victims.

When he was taken into custody, he had candy in his pocket.

He drove school buses for three different schools and had been employed as a driver for Polk County Schools since April of 2007.

He’s been suspended without pay and is expected to be fired.

He’s been charged with eight counts of capital sexual battery.

He currently sits in the Polk County Jail.