A Florida organ-player for Faith Evangelical Presbyterian Church has been busted for indecent exposure after he allegedly shoved his own organ through a bathroom stall divider wall and waited for a response from the occupant of the other stall.

75-year-old Jerry Childress is said to have shoved his appendage into the adjacent stall on July 12th, much to the dismay of its occupant; a street sweeper operator who’d stopped in to use the restroom.

The perturbed victim confronted Mr. Childress, who then “promptly exited the restroom and fled the scene on foot.”

Cops responded, but were unable to find the suspect. But when the victim returned to the area for more work, he spotted Childress coming out of the woods.

When the pervert got into his car and drove off, the victim followed him to the Faith Evangelical Presbyterian Church and promptly called authorities.

While police questioned Childress, he’s said to have “admitted the entire incident.”

He was arrested for indecent exposure and released on a $1,000 bond. He’s next due in court on August 10th.

The church has since deleted Childress’s photo and bio from its web site.