The dean of students at Evergreen Elementary School – and a pastor at St. Paul African Methodist Episcopal Church – in Ocala, Florida exposed his penis to a student’s grandmother when she bent over to pick up something off of the floor in his office.

36-year-old Patrick Sasnett turned himself in on charges of exposure of sexual organs Wednesday after claims by a 44-year-old grandmother, who came to see him to discuss disciplinary issues with her grandchild on Monday, came forward.

The unnamed woman told Marion County Sheriff’s deputies that as she was leaving Sasnett’s office, she bent down to pick something up off of the floor, when he purportedly said, “Look what you do to me.”

When she stood up and turned around, she says his penis was out. She described his underwear to prove her claims.

Mr. Sasnett told investigators that the woman had been flirting with him during their meeting, and that he was ‘just playing along’.

When asked to show them his underwear to confirm or deny her allegations, he said he would in order to ‘defeat the allegations’ – but they matched her description.

Patrick Sasnett is now free on a $500 bond.

Marion County Public Schools spokesman Kevin Christian told a local news station that he’d been put on paid administrative leave before the authorities became involved; the woman had complained to them before calling police.

Mr. Christian also says that Sasnett passed his criminal background check, but that it did show that he pleaded no contest to soliciting a prostitute back in 2008 in Jacksonville, Florida. He’d never been booked and processed, so his prints never made it into the database in order to show up on a background check.

There’s no word on whether or not Mr. Sasnett is still employed by St. Paul African Methodist Episcopal Church.


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