A Florida man who’d been evicted from a mobile home park picked a disgusting way of getting back at the community; he carried a five gallon bucket full of what’s been described as looking like “liquid feces/diarrhea,” and dumped it into the community pool.

54-year-old Thomas Lee Mason carried out his nauseating deed at the Embassy Mobile Home Park late Thursday night. Witnesses say that they saw him carrying the bucket and entering the area with “no legitimate business” there.

He was then seen “entering the pool area with the bucket and then leaving the area with the same bucket.”

In the criminal complaint, authorities say he’s been charged with “pouring an unknown dark colored substance that had the appearance of liquid feces/diarrhea” into the pool.

In the same report, they say he “is angry over his eviction from the park” and is a suspect in “several criminal mischief events in the last week there.”

It’s estimated that will take $300 to “disinfect the pool by health code standards for the community to use again.”

Mr. Mason’s official charge is criminal mischief.

He’s now residing in the county jail in lieu of $150 bond.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, he has a criminal history. It includes priors for drunk driving, domestic battery, disorderly conduct, public intoxication, trespassing, robbery, aggravated assault, battery on a law enforcement officer, and violating probation.