Yes…Florida again.

18-year-old Derek Charles Jeunegens, according to his girlfriend, came home intoxicated on Monday, November 16th. He asked her to buy him some “detox” so his urine test for probation would come back clean. She refused to do so, so he grabbed her and threw her on the bed.

When she started screaming, he slammed her mouth shut, cutting her tongue, choked her several times, slapped her, and pushed her head against a wall.

According to the police report, Derek then started crying and grabbed a knife from the kitchen, threatening to harm himself. A friend of the couple there at the time was able to stop him from doing so, and started recording on a cell phone.

That video captured Derek saying “you needed to be choked” and that she deserved it, threatening her family if she “snitched”.

Continuing his aggression, he started throwing bananas at her and a metal comb that just narrowly missed her. She then, quite wisely, left.

When police were contacted, they took photos of the unnamed woman’s injuries, which included bruises on her arms and a cut on her tongue.

Derek was arrested just after 3:30 a.m. Tuesday morning at his home and is currently residing in Lee County jail.

His first hearing is scheduled for December 21st.


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