A Florida man who was already in police custody on an earlier-in-the-day domestic violence charge, decided to keep an eye out for more trouble.

54-year-old Edward Dorsey was arrested Sunday morning for allegedly hitting his wife during an argument in their home. It’s believed that drugs and alcohol played a part in that spat.

After that misdemeanor charge, he was transported to the Largo Medical Center for an unspecified treatment.

While in the emergency room, he took out his glass eye and threw it at the ER doctor and nurse.

He was told by both a cop and hospital staff not to even remove the eye, but declared, “I can do whatever I feel like doing.”

The flying eye doesn’t appear to have caused any injuries and its unclear if it even hit anyone.

Mr. Dorsey was charged with battery on an emergency medical care provider and was booked into the county jail on a $30,000 bond.


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