A Florida man was taken into custody Monday after hiding under an 11-year-old girl’s bed, then leaving an obscene note for her.

24-year-old David Hanggigoble was spotted by the preteen while she was getting ready for school.

The shocked and terrified girl then ran out of the room to call her mother, but her mother called her first. Her mother briefly leaves her alone to take her younger siblings to school, then head to work as part of her morning routine.

Mr. Hanggigoble then fled the house, later found by officers.

The suspect, who lived in the apartment below the victim’s, said that he’d gone to the girl’s apartment “to borrow a ratchet.” He says he knocked on the door and said “hello,” then “just went inside.” When asked about the note and his “intentions” toward the female victim, the suspect said he’d only wanted to borrow tools.

The note, written on a piece of cardboard, the details of which haven’t been released, was found on the victim’s nightstand.

It turns out this wasn’t the first time that Hanggigoble had had creepy run-ins with the girl and her family.

He’d asked her at another time if he could use their bathroom while she was alone. On another day, a tablet showing porn videos was left sitting on the family’s steps. Hanggigoble said it belonged to him.

He’s been charged with cyberstalking and burglary.


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