A Florida man poured semen from a Styrofoam cup onto a woman at a Panera Bread location on September 12th.

29-year-old Patrick Bruce, the victim and her friend say, had been staring at them while they were doing homework at the eatery.

He’d started ogling at the two women when he’d walked in, and kept at it when he sat down at the table beside them.

They say he then walked out of the restaurant and returned a few seconds later with a Styrofoam cup in his hand, which he took into the bathroom with him.

When he emerged from the restroom, he poured semen from the cup onto the woman’s neck, shoulder and arm and said, “Here you go.”

He then said he was sorry for spilling his drink, then walked out.

The disgusted and horrified woman screamed as she realized what he’d done, but he’d already fled in his car.

Employees saw him drop a cell phone while he was still inside the location. On it, they found a video of him masturbating into the Styrofoam cup.

Authorities finally tracked him down using his license plate and he was arrested Tuesday.

He was charged with indecent exposure, unnatural or lascivious acts, and two counts of battery.

He’d been arrested on indecent exposure charges back in July, as well. In that incident, he’d taken out his genitals at a local sports bar and rubbed them against a woman.

He now resides in the Leon County jail.


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