A Florida man was arrested after shooting into a home 30 times because the woman who lived there refused to have sex with him.

69-year-old Howard Sparber is accused of harassing the woman for several months before attempting to kill her in this bizarre manner.

He fired the shots in order to unlock the front door of her house.

Luckily,she wasn’t home at the time, but neighbors heard the shots ring out and called police.Officers arriving at the scene found Mr. Sparber with a gun and two magazines.

The woman later told police that she’d been harassed by him, with sexual advances and the like, for the past six months. She also feared for her life because he’d once pointed a gun at her face.

He’s been charged with armed burglary, aggravated stalking, shooting into a dwelling, and criminal mischief.

He caused at least $3,000 to the woman’s home.