Let this be a lesson to dumb criminals out there; if you’re going to give a fake name to police, you should make sure that person isn’t also wanted by police. The incident started when police stopped the man, Jacob Hisel, around 4:30am for safety reasons.

Deputies asked for identification and Hisel said he didn’t have any ID on him, but he said his name was Nathan Hisel, his brother.

When police checked the name the man gave it was discovered that he was wanted on an outstanding warrant. Hisel was arrested under his brother’s name and was initially booked into the Manatee County jail on his brother’s warrant. After being fingerprinted, however, his real identity was discovered.

Jacob Hisel had two warrants in Manatee County for dealing in stolen property and uttering a forged instrument.

He was additionally charged with a misdemeanor offense of providing a fake name to law enforcement.

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