A man in Sunrise, Florida stands accused of stabbing a dog in the leg with a kitchen knife because it wouldn’t stop barking.

22-year-old Michael O’Brien is alleged to have committed the horrific act in November, but wasn’t arrested until January 20th, when the investigation ended.

According to cops, O’Brien took the dog, named Nala, which was bleeding heavily, to an animal clinic where he told the vet there that it had run through a glass door. The dog required two blood transfusions and had to be resuscitated with CPR.

The veterinarian didn’t believe the suspect’s version of events, and a witness later told cops that O’Brien had used a kitchen knife to stab the dog in the leg.

He’s been charged with cruelty to animals and has been released on a $2,500 bond.

The dog is now healthy and is in the custody of animal control.


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