Paul SenzeeA Florida Walmart shopper has been arrested for using a smart phone that was hidden in his shoe to photograph up women's skirts. Paul Senzee a male who is 40 years old, was charged with video voyeurism after allegedly placing a device described in the arrest report as an iPhone or iPod inside his shoe where he had cut a strategic hole. He then sidled up behind a woman and placed his foot underneath her to film up her skirt.

  • Paul Senzee, 40, male from florida was charged with video voyeurism
  • Allegedly, he used a camera inside his shoe to film up a women's skirts in Walmart
  • A friendly shopper noticed him standing close to her and an odd hole was in his shoe
  • The lady demanded to see his shoe
  • Another shopper prevented Senzee from leaving and found a smartphone in his right shoe
  • The shoe had a strategic hole cut out for the phone's camera