Stefanie Felicia Stern, 28, was with her beaux, Reginald Leon Lee, 34, as well as her 3-year-old daughter. Doing what most happy couples with a child in tow do, they were shopping at a Florida liquor store.
Things turned not-so-happy when Lee got into an argument with a customer. During that argument, he chased the customer out of the store with a gun. As he returned from his dastardly deed, he adjusted his pants, and in doing so, proceeded to shoot himself in the right leg. Panicking, he handed the gun to Ms. Stern and the two of them ran outside and into an alley to find a place to hide the gun. There was just one additional problem; in their haste to retreat from the premises, they left Stern’s 3-year-old daughter behind.
When police arrived, which often happens when shots are fired…especially in a store, they found the couple. Lee claimed a stranger had shot him, and Stern just said she had no clue what had happened and hadn’t seen what transpired. Lee was transported to Broward Health North, but refused to cooperate. Thusly, he was never charged.
After later viewing surveillance tape, the investigators saw three things: Lee shooting himself in the leg, the couple running from the store, and Stern’s 3-year-old daughter standing frozen in fear.
Stefanie was arrested, her bond was set at $2,000, and her daughter put into protective custody. Mommy dearest faces charges of child neglect without great bodily harm and tampering with evidence.