For being a former substitute teacher, 35-year-old Sara Moore isn’t the brightest bulb in the chandelier.

The married mother of five had been arrested on January 3rd for carrying on a sexual relationship with a 14-year-old boy for about a year.

She’d been taken into custody just one day after the boy’s parents learned of the illicit three-month affair. They’d found a 12-pack of condoms in his room and seen saucy messages between the two on his Instagram account.

His father contacted authorities immediately.

When the boy was confronted about it, he reportedly broke down in tears and claiming it wasn’t Mrs. Moore’s fault. This did little to sway anyone.

He’d initially befriended her children before approximately October of 2015 when they started the first of at least 25 sexual liaisons in the back of her SUV in a gas station parking lot, and even in her own daughter’s room. He said she often wore a see-through black lingerie top. That and a blanket with what officials believe has the boy’s DNA on it, were recovered.


What got her rearrested was the fact that after she’d been released on bond on January 7th, she went to a Verizon store to find out how to remotely delete the contents of a phone no longer in her possession. (The police had it in evidence.)

The idiot teacher informed the Verizon employee that she was in trouble with the law and needed to erase everything on her phone.

That employee contacted authorities.

Mrs. Moore had managed to remotely change her security code, however.

She now sits in the Osceola County Jail after a judge set her bond on the evidence tampering charge at $75,000. She’ll stay jailed because the judge revoked the bond for the previous charge.

The woman, who saw the 14-year-old victim as “an adopted son,” was described as a religious person by her neighbors.