A Florida teacher has been arrested after he was captured on video violently grabbing a 14-year-old student, putting him in a ‘chokehold’ and shoving him out of his classroom.

Buddy Taylor Middle School teacher Jeffrey Paffumi, 47, has now been charged with battery after police were given video footage of the altercation, which took place on Tuesday, by one of the victim’s classmates.

The footage shows an incensed Paffumi thrusting on his arms across the throat of the child from behind, placing the other underneath their armpit, before lifting them up out of their seat and marching them towards the door.

The Flagler County Sheriff’s Office began investigating the incident after the boy told his parents and contacted the school.

The student would later go on to tell deputies that he had been playing music on his computer in class on January 7, when Paffumi muted his computer.

When the student unmuted the sound, the 47-year-old grabbed the computer and held it over the student’s head, arrest documents show.

The student then said he told the teacher to ‘put his s**t down, cracker.’

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