A Florida woman was arrested after being accused of beating a married man he wanted to back together with his wife.

37-year-old Charlotte Pollock has been charged with aggravated battery, larceny, and trespassing for the incident.

Ms. Pollock, who is married as well, was allegedly having an affair with the 54-year-old victim whom she worked with. Sometime in the middle of June, he was at his home when he told her he wanted to get back with his wife. This made Ms. Pollock none too happy.

She proceeded to hit him over the head with a large pane of glass from a coffee table, then hit him again with another of the panes as he tried to get away to his bedroom.

She then trashed his bedroom, pushed him onto the bed, and tried to shove his prescription medication into his mouth and ears, while simultaneously jamming her fingers into his eyes.

If that weren’t enough, she then picked up a lamp and hit him on his back and shoulder.

When he tried to call the cops, she ripped his Rolex off of his wrist and yelled, “You love that fucking watch more than me,” then left the house…finally.

After cops asked her to come tell her side of the story, she didn’t. She did, on the other hand, return the victim’s watch, leaving it on the front seat of his car.

She was released from the Palm Beach County Jail Thursday after posting a $5,000 bond.