A Manatee County woman knows what she wants. She also knows when she wants it and how she wants it. She didn’t get the latter, and it’s for that reason that she graces our pages.

45-year-old Wendy Luper and her ex-husband of 12 years, Michael Vaccaro, were at a storage unit gathering some of his things.

While they were parked at the back of the storage complex, she disrobed and propositioned her old beau. He readily accepted and told her to lay down. She didn’t want to – apparently having a better (or at least cleaner) position in mind. This led to an argument.

Mr. Vaccaro, 51, decided to walk off to let her calm down. When he returned, she told him in no uncertain terms to get his things out of her car and lobbed something at his head.

While he was gathering his things from the car, Wendy put her foot on the gas, and with him still half-inside, ran over his right foot.

When police arrived, they found Michael bleeding from a head wound and a swelling right foot. They got a hold of Wendy and she returned to the scene.

She admitted they were planning to have sex, but ‘was unable to explain’ what happened to his head and foot.

She was arrested and booked on charges of domestic battery and released on a $750 bond.

She’d been busted one other time for domestic battery as well. In August, she allegedly punched Michael in the face, neck, and arm after he didn’t do laundry like she’d asked.


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