A Florida woman was arrested this past on Tuesday after she went to authorities claiming she’d been kidnapped by a man at gunpoint, then left at a dog park…then later admitted she’d made it up to see if her boyfriend still cared about her.

22-year-old Janet Elena Brooks went to the Lake and Polk County Sheriff’s Offices on Saturday and said she’d been kidnapped by a man in the parking lot of an apartment complex and forced into the trunk of his car, then left at a dog park.

After deputies reviewed surveillance footage and saw Ms. Brooks leaving the property on foot of her own free will, they confronted her. She then admitted that she’d made the story up because she believed that another woman was interested in her boyfriend, and she “just wanted to see if he truly cared about her.”

She told them that she’d walked to a store, then had a friend drop her off at the dog park.

She was then arrested and charged with filing a false report with law enforcement.


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