A Florida woman who stands accused of performing illegal surgeries on a man, leaving his penis disfigured, reportedly accepted a plea deal and will serve prison time.

49-year-old Nery Carvajal pleaded guilty Wednesday to performing medicine without a license and was given just over three years in prison.

The victim had gone to her for facial treatments and butt injections, but then returned for a penis enlargement.

Ms. Carvajal injected his penis with an unknown substance meant to make his penis bigger and thicker.

She was arrested back in 2015 at Miami International Airport when she returned from Colombia.

She was charged with one count of unlicensed health care treatment, and two counts of practicing without a license,.

She was working out of a warehouse with an unlicensed surgeon identified as Mark Schreiber. He was arrested a month earlier than Ms. Carvajal.

The victim told authorities that he’d sough her and Schreiber’s assistance because his penis was less than an inch long, rendering him unable to have sex.

Ms. Carvajal will have to serve three years probation after her release, under the plea deal.


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