A Florida mother was arrested last week after ‘hundreds of bugs’ crawled out of her daughter’s backpack inside her elementary school’s lunchroom.

Jessica Stevenson, 33, was taken into custody after an employee from Bagdad Elementary School reported that the second-grade girl and her two siblings were living in poor conditions.

Stevenson, of Milton, was charged with five counts of child abuse.

The girl is one of five siblings between the ages of 5 to 14 who were living in Stevenson’s ‘filthy’ home, according to a report from the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office.

According to the Pensacola News Journal, the incident occurred after the employee reported that the girl and her three siblings had poor hygiene to the Florida Department of Children and Families.

The worker told authorities that the second-grader’s body odor was hard to ignore and that the child had been wearing the same clothes for an entire week in April.

Police said the employee also told them that at one point ‘hundreds of bugs crawled out’ of the student’s ‘backpack in the lunchroom’.

Another teacher told authorities that the student was ‘having meltdowns’ and seemed depressed.

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