A Florida woman is now facing second-degree murder charges after being found on top of her husband in his hospital bed just moments before his death back in May.

61-year-old Jan Sochalski, a former nurse, was found atop 64-year-old Henry Sochalski just before he was found dead in his bed at Florida Hospital Memorial Medical Center in Daytona Beach on May 19th. Ms. Sochalski was arrested Monday.

A Volusia County medical examiner this month ruled that Mr. Sochalski’s death was a homicide caused by suffocation. His mouth, nose and tracheotomy had been blocked.

She’s denied killing her husband.

He was in the hospital recovering from an elective back surgery he’d had back in April.

Hospital employees had noticed what they called unusual behavior from her; things like asking for meds that would have hindered his breathing, as well as declining drugs that could have helped.

The day before his death, she wouldn’t let the nurses into his room to check on him.

The morning of May 19th, nurses rushed into his room after a heart monitor alarm in the nurses’ station went off.

They’d noticed his bed was put flat instead of at the angle that is normally set for patients with tracheotomies. His nose was purple.

Ms. Sochalski told cops she’d spoken with one of her husband’s nurses and knew his condition was deteriorating. The morning of his death, she says, she’d flattened out his bed and took a humidifier away from his throat because she could hear his breathing slowing and “she wanted to be close to him.”

She’s now being held without bail.