A Florida woman pretended to be a veterinarian and performed an ear-clipping “operation” without a license.

With fishing line and a drug similar to Xanax. 19-year-old Brandi Seipe cut off a 10-week-old pit bull puppy’s ears.

She’d assured the dog’s owner that she was experienced.

The puppy’s owner told Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control officials that she bought the pup, identified as King, from someone in Broward County. She was looking for someone to crop the puppy’s ears. This practice helps the dog’s ears stand upright.

She was told that Brandi would crop dogs’ ears cheaply.

She’d paid her $80 for the procedure..

The owner became concerned when she came to pick King up and his ears were too short, and he seemed a little too sedated.

Ms. Seipe would normally have her boyfriend hold the puppies down while she cut their ears, but this time she tied little King’s legs together because her boyfriend wasn’t available.

The edges of the dog’s ears were raw and open, and a fishing line was used to stitch up his King’s ears.

She was arrested for practicing veterinary medicine without a license and animal cruelty.


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