46-year-old Florida woman has been arrested after being accused of trying to murder a man with a “large kitchen knife” before demanding he delete a video of the attack.

Melissa Ann Henson, of Maple Pond Court in Trinity, was detained by deputies from the Pasco Sheriff’s Office yesterday and charged with attempted felony murder/homicide and tampering with a witness, according to an arrest report shared with media, including Newsweek.

Police said the incident occurred at roughly 12:30 a.m. yesterday after the woman went to the victim’s home following an argument between the victim and her sister via text message. The man who was targeted in the attack has not been named by law enforcement.

According to the police report, after Henson became aware of the argument she drove to the victim’s home using her daughter’s car. The man started recording the incident on his phone after Henson entered the home and tried to force her way into his bedroom.

After watching the video, a deputy said: “I observed the defendant enter the room and begin to attack the victim with the knife. The defendant got on top of the victim in an effort to stab him.” The content of the text messages was not revealed.

Authorities said the man fought back after beginning to fear for his life, retaliating by punching Henson in the face “with a closed fist,” which caused his attacker to drop the knife. Police said the video had been used to positively identify the armed woman as the primary aggressor.

The woman allegedly pointed the sharp weapon at the victim as he was down on the ground and held her wrist to stop himself from being stabbed. Deputies said that Henson could be heard on the cell phone footage demanding the man delete the video. In an arrest mugshot released by Pasco Sheriff’s Office, the woman appeared to have a bruised area around the eye.

She suffered a cut to her right hand during the altercation, the police report said. The victim was left with a cut to his left thigh. It was not clear if the laceration needed treatment.

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