Orlando police say a woman forced her way into the secure area of Orlando International Airport without going through security, then struck an officer who was trying to arrest her before being subdued with a taser.

An employee at curbside check-in told police that 38-year-old Angela McNaughton of Orlando drove up to the curb Wednesday around 8:30 p.m., demanded to be checked in for a flight and to have her truck parked.

When the employee told her he could not find her reservation, she allegedly told him to “have the [expletive] thing towed,” then stormed off into the airport near the Southwest Airlines ticket counter.

Once inside, officers said McNaughton walked up to the Known Crew Member entrance of the east security checkpoint. When a Transportation Security Administration worker tried to stop her and ask for her credentials, officers said she stated she “knew her rights,” before shoving the TSA officer out of the way.

Police said surveillance video shows a silver knife either being thrown or falling out of her jacket.

With McNaughton in the secure area, the TSA officer radioed that there was a security breach.

Several nearby officers quickly caught up to her as walked closer to the passenger trains to the terminals. McNaughton swore at the officers pursuing her, police said.

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