Nikki Rowena Sismanidis, 18, and Jasmine Marie Suarez, 19 from Gainsville were arrested Saturday afternoon after police said they broke into the home of an acquaintance and vandalized the bedroom using duct tape and animal feces, according to a Gainesville Police Department report.

Police said, both women allegedly broke into the Southwest Ninth Way home of a common friend.

Once inside, the pair allegedly placed strips of duct tape on the victim’s bedroom walls, which caused damage to the painted walls when later removed, the report said. Also, a large portion of one wall was covered in a pattern using duct tape that spelled out an expletive and police said the pair planted animal feces on the victim’s bed.

The victim told police that Sismanidis has become hostile in the past when she chooses not to hang out with her, and on the previous day, the victim did not respond to texts from Sismanidis asking the victim to hang out.

According to the report, both Sismanidis and Suarez admitted their involvement in the burglary and vandalism during a phone conversation with the victim and they arrived during the officers’ on-scene investigation and admitted their involvement to police.

Both Sismanidis and Suarez were arrested and charged with burglary and criminal mischief.

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