A Michigan mental health organization’s CEO has received a future he didn’t see coming…although he sure paid to.

Ervin Brinker was sentenced Wednesday after pleading guilty to embezzlement and Medicaid fraud conspiracy.

He was the CEO of Summit Pointe, a mental health organization in Battle Creek, Michigan that treats people in five counties.

He stood accused of spending over $500,000, $510,000 to be exact…on a fortune-teller in Key West, Florida.

He listed the two separate transactions  as being for a health care consultant.

Being that he was CEO, he didn’t need approval from a board to enter into any contracts on behalf of the organization, so no one was aware.

The payments, made in May of 2011 and November of 2012, came under investigation in December of 2014 after an internal investigation at Summit Pointe showed “questionable contracts”.

The attorney general’s office said he will have to pay back double what he took “as restitution and a civil penalty,” or roughly $1.02 million.

He’ll be eligible for parole after serving 32 months.