A former teacher’s aide in Allen, Texas, a suburb of Dallas, pleaded guilty this week to a second-degree felony charge of having an improper relationship with a 16-year-old female student back in 2014.

22-year-old Kearney Day, 20 at the time of the crime, was working at Allen High School when she began a relationship with the female student who hasn’t been named.

The student told authorities that they had sex “multiple times” while her parents were out of the house on Valentine’s Day. She also told them that she considered Ms. Day to be her girlfriend.

This all came to light back in April of 2014, when the student told the principal about the relationship. Ms. Day was fired on April 4th.

The student says that the relationship began in January of 2014 and that the they would correspond via Kik.

One message from the disgraced teacher’s aide read, “Mmm I want you.”

Another one read, “I’m about to lose my goddamn job over this. Keep your mouth shut about me. So much for being able to trust you to in the beginning. Idk if I’ll be able to talk to you in the hallway now cause someone’s spying on my ass.”

The student also showed school higher-ups a photo of Ms. Day in her bed that she said had been taken on a Valentine’s Day sleepover.

But according to the 2014 affidavit, when she was initially interviewed by police, “She stated that if something sexual had taken place, that she would not tell police about it, because she would not “ruin Day’s life.”‘

The aide told investigators that she sent the Kik messages, but denied having sex with the girl, stating she’d only hugged her and given her a back rub.

But on May 8, 2014, the teen spoke to authorities again and said that she hadn’t told all the details before because she’d thought she’d loved Ms. Day, but she now wants it all behind her.

She then says they had sex multiple times during the Valentine’s Day sleepover.

Kearney Day was arrested on May 9, 2014 and released on a $10,000 bond after after agreeing not to have any contact whatsoever with either the student or anyone else under the age of 17.

She was scheduled to start trial on Monday, but, instead, took the prosecutors’ plea deal.

She was given four years probation, a $500 fine, and 120 hours of community service.

She’s also been forbidden from having unsupervised contact with any children.

In exchange for her guilty plea, prosecutors dropped eight other counts, which included charges of sexual assault of a child and indecency with a child with sexual contact.