Mitchelle Blair pleaded guilty on Monday to the murder of her two children in Detroit. She murdered her 13-year-old daughter Stoni and 9-year-old son Steven and stored their bodies in a freezer in 2012 and 2013. Their bodies were found in March while Blair was being evicted from her home.

Blair said she killed her daughter as punishment after she found out that she and her brother were sexually assaulting her youngest son. She told the judge that she repeatedly punched Stoni on several occasions, burned her with hot water, hit her in the head, and suffocated her with a grocery bag.

A year later, she found out that her other son had continued to rape her other son. In her testimony, she told the judge that she did not intend to murder Steven – only to seriously harm him. Steven died after she put garbage bags over his head, choked him with a belt, punched and kicked him, burned him with scalding water in his genital area, and gave him Windex to drink.

Blair faces life in prison without parole. A formal sentencing is scheduled for July 17th.