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Pennsauken police have charged a Gibbstown man in connection with a decidedly low-tech robbery of a Little Caesar’s pizzeria in the township. Thirty-one-year-old Vito Mannino was charged with robbery, unlawful possession of a weapon, possession of a weapon for unlawful purpose, and criminal mischief. On September 25, the pizzeria in the 5000 block of Route 130 in Pennsauken was robbed by a man with a tire iron. Footage captured of the incident shows a man in a black t-shirt, white head covering, and sunglasses struggling to pry open the cash register with a tire iron. Two cashiers narrate the incident to police in real-time, while the man forces the register open, leaves, and then returns to wipe it off.


ROYAL OAK, Mich. (WJBK) – When Anthony Sevy got a parking ticket in Royal Oak, he wasn’t pleased. When he went to pay his ticket with pennies, he was turned away, choked, and then defecated himself – his attorney claims.

“I don’t think that in everyday course of business, we poop our pants or go around defecating ourselves,” his attorney Jonathan Marco said.

Let’s back up. Sevy went to pay his $10 parking ticket in Royal Oak’s 44th District Court in February, but was told he’d have a $1.75 surcharge on his credit card. He wasn’t happy and left.

His attorney says he came back to pay with rolls of pennies. He’s on video with the court officers and his bag of pennies making what his attorney called a symbolic protest.

“He wasn’t happy about it so, in symbolic protest, he brought back penny rolls to pay for his ticket. The clerk wasn’t too happy about that, they refused to allow him to pay with penny rolls,” Marco said.

The entire exchange was captured on surveillance video which Marco showed to FOX 2. In the video, which you can watch in the player above, you see Sevy and the court officer exchange words. Sevy was asked to leave but it didn’t end there.

“As he was leaving the court house with his back to the officer, the court officer began to choke him out, grabbing him, brought him to the ground. Mr. Sevy passed out and defecated himself,” Marco said.

Sevy was then arrested and tossed in jail.

Now he’s suing the Royal Oak court officers.

A motorcycle cop was captured on video fumbling around during an unsuccessful attempt to operate a bike on their own. In concerning footage captured Monday from the side of an unknown road, the officer, believed to be a woman, is shown struggling to stay steady on the bike as she tries to ride off into traffic. Before long, a Good Samaritan is seen running up to the officer as he holds her bike level to assist her in getting on.

The Mother did post a heartfelt apology letter to the Police department you can read HERE

The owner of a coffee shop has been forced to shut down her business following backlash over her daughter’s anti-police remarks on Facebook.
Kato Mele decided to shutter the White Rose Coffeehouse in Lynn, Massachusetts just a week after the controversy erupted, saying she made the decision ‘so I can stop being harassed’.

The uproar started when Mele’s 23-year-old daughter Sophie, who works as a manager at the coffeehouse, said on Facebook that the cafe would never host a ‘Coffee With A Cop’ event and went on to call police racists and bullies in the subsequent discussion thread.

Coffee With A Cop is a nationwide movement to build trust between police departments and the citizens they serve.

‘I will gladly host a “meet an ex-con” or “meet the impoverished minority community” event,’ Sophie wrote in comments that have since been deleted, but copies of which were obtained by ‘I’m not going to promote any pro-police event because I’m adamantly anti-police.’
She went on to call cops ‘bullies’ who uphold an ‘inherently violent, oppressive and unjust system’.

The remarks spread quickly across the Internet and sparked a massive backlash, with many who took issue with the anti-police sentiment leaving scathing online reviews for the coffeehouse.

Sophie responded by offering an apology for her remarks on Facebook.

But as the furor grew, her mother Mele fired her from the manager position at the coffee shop.

The online cries for blood continued, however, and Mele penned a heartfelt apology letter published by the local newspaper.

Move over Bill O’reilly MSNBC anchor Lawrence O’Donnell launched into profanity-laced tirades at his staff during a taping of his show last month, complaining about “insanity in my earpiece” and begging someone to “stop the hammering!” Initially, O’Donnell complains that he can’t hear audio in his earpiece during a report on President Trump’s trip to Texas in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. As the problems continue, O’Donnell becomes visibly enraged, banging his fists on the desk & cussing at his staff.

An overweight policeman was filmed struggling to get himself into his vehicle after another customer parked too close to his car at the fast food restaurant Chick-a-fil in Atlanta, Georgia. After three failed attempts trying to get into the drivers door, the police officer manages to squeeze himself through the passenger side before the footage cuts out to the sound of laughter.


LOS ANGELES: Passersby captured the moment a man refused to have his car repossessed and did everything in his power to take back his ride on Monday in Compton, California. The man jumped onto a tow truck and tried to unhook his car as sparks flew from underneath the swerving vehicle. The man was so desperate to free his car that he put up the fight for 10 minutes, even smashing a window with a crowbar as the exchange was filmed (left and right). Police eventually got involved and questioned the man


Stealing a car and leading deputies on a chase wasn’t about to stop one man from seeing Monday’s total solar eclipse. Feliciano Rosado stole a vehicle and was being pursued by the department’s auto theft unit when he parked at Harbor Freight on Osceola Parkway in Kissimmee.

Rosado had a welder’s mask and used it to view the eclipse as he stood in the parking lot next to the stolen car. That’s when deputies made the arrest.

Malia Obama, 19, was caught on camera dancing up a storm on Friday night during The Killers set at the Lollapalooza music festival in Chicago. She rolled around on the grass at one point and banged her head to the music. Malia reportedly spent most of the set backstage with friends before going to dance. Social media was quick to defend the teenager for enjoying herself with friends on a night out. Last year the former first daughter made headlines for twerking and allegedly smoking a joint at the popular festival. Malia was seemingly letting off some steam as she winds down from her summer internship with producer Harvey Weinstein in New York. She is set to start classes at Harvard in a few weeks.


A Fort Walton Beach man called the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office on Sunday morning to report that someone had stolen a “baggie of cocaine” and cash from his car. David Blackmon, 32, identified himself as a drug dealer when he called 911 to report the crime.


An 81-year-old going out for coffee led cops on a slow speed chase in Texas Thursday. The elderly woman was going 25 miles per hour while driving the wrong way in Denton, Texas, early Thursday morning. When she finally stopped, the first thing officers did was deflate her tires with a knife. Then the officer shattered her window with a small device on his key ring. She was taken into custody but never handcuffed due to her age.


When ur dealer gives u a hot shot of dope…👀👀👀.. America y’all better wake up… this is getting out of control..this happened In fort smith , AR

Man involved in convenience store video arrested on five misdemeanor counts

A Fort Smith man who was the subject of a Facebook video gone viral that showed him being restrained by officers from the Fort Smith Police Department was arrested on five separate misdemeanor counts after he was released from a local hospital where paramedics took him after what appeared to be a drug-related episode.

Mike Thomas McBride of Fort Smith, who was captured on Facebook Live by Cleavon Kursh of Fort Smith during the incident was disoriented, paranoid and physically unable to control his motor functions during the episode, which happened Friday afternoon at the Point Convenience Store at 1116 Grand Avenue.

Kursh had stopped into cash his paycheck when he noticed McBride acting in a strange manner and took out his Smart Phone rto record the event.

“Man, I could’t believe what II was seeing and I didn’t think anyone would believe me either,” said Kursh. “We were all just trying to calm him down and help him until help got there. He was on something and it had him bad.”

Police were called and arrived about seven minutes into the video. One officer finally was able to restrain McBride with handcuffs until back-up arrived, although he was kicked at least twice during the process.

Once back-upback-up arrived a female police officer, who recognized McBride as a classmate from when she attended Ramsey Junior High, was able to talk him down until he EMT’s arrived.

Eyewitnesses said McBride had parked his vehicle near Edwards Funeral Home at the corner of North 12th and B Streets and had walked to the store.

Once inside, he was jerking in spasm-like movements, knocked over store displays and was talking incoherently.


Footage of the ill-fated moment surfaced on Instagram earlier this week. Four men, presumably friends of the boyfriend, can be seen performing a short choreography to Bruno Mars’ Marry You at the Columbia Fireflies’ home ballpark in South Carolina (center). Once the men are done dancing on the field, the camera pans to a couple in the bleachers (top left). The boyfriend, naturally, gets down on one knee and presents his girlfriend with an engagement ring in a box (top right). But the girlfriend, instead of looking overcome with emotion, is shaking her head no. Her boyfriend seems to ignore this warning sign and goes through with the proposal. Eventually, she recoils (bottom left), grabs her purse and leaves (bottom right).