Carlos Houston & his girlfriend were at their Minnesota home on March 29th when she confronted him about a mysterious hickey on his neck that she had not given him. Carlos who was drunk and unapologetic, allegedly told her that if she thought the hickey was something, she should see the sexy photos of other women on his cell phone.

According to authorities, the argument rose to a new level after this comment with Carlos asking his girlfriend: “Why don’t you go kill yourself?”. As the girlfriend then tried to leave the apartment, Houston, 26, allegedly began physically attacking her. He then turned on the water and dragged the woman to the tub by the hair, carrying an electric lamp and saying, “I can’t stand you! I hate you! I want you dead!” according to the complaint. Houston threw the woman into the tub, the complaint said. He then allegedly tried to throw the lamp in the tub, but the cord didn’t reach. He then tried to throw the electric curling iron in the tub. No luck there either. Since the electrocution did not work out, Houston then allegedly choked his girlfriend until she blacked out. The couple’s infant child was in the apartment while all this was going on. When she came to, she left the apartment took the child and contacted police Houston was subsequently arrested and charged with felony counts of making terroristic threats and domestic assault by strangulation. Just think that all this might have been avoided had Houston just used make-up concealer on that mystery hickey!