Angelika Graswald, a 35-year-old New York woman, just this past week, appealed to and thanked her Facebook friends for their reaching out and their continued prayers for the hopeful safe return of her fiancé, 46-year-old Vincent Viafore. This past Thursday, however, she was charged with the second degree murder of her lover.
Authorities aren’t saying what led to their suspicions other than to say that she made statements implicating herself.
On the evening of April 19th, the two of them were kayaking on the Hudson River when Vincent’s kayak flipped over. He wasn’t wearing a life jacket and was unable to right his capsized vessel. According to her, she became dislodged from her own kayak in the rough waters. She was later found and plucked out of the water by a boater. She called 911 immediately thereafter, reporting the incident and her missing fiancé. When authorities arrived, she was transported to the hospital and treated for hypothermia.
She’d been active on Facebook, posting photo after photo of the happy couple, and as recently as Tuesday, posted one with the caption of ‘I miss you, my love.’ The day before, posting, “I just want to thank everyone for reaching out. Please, keep your prayers for Vince. Miracles ARE possible. The authorities are doing everything they can. We do not need anyone else getting hurt, as it is very dangerous out there, especially without daylight. Please, no questions at this point, we're doing everything we can. We will find him.”

Vincent Viafore’s friend, Wes Gottlock, said that the couple had been together for a long time and that they seemed to have what he deemed ‘a wonderful relationship.’

Angelika was arraigned Thursday and is being held without bail at the Orange County Jail. Her next scheduled date to stand before a judge is May 5th.

Police have yet to find Viafore's body.