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In August 2011, Sheriff Chris Hill, who was the Chief Deputy at the time, unveiled his new Community Crime Reduction Team to work in the high crime areas of Lenoir County. This team was designed to work in residential areas to meet citizens, build new relationships and rebuild old ones. With this marriage, officers and citizens could work together to identify problems in their neighborhoods, funnel crime related information to law enforcement, which then could be targeted for mitigation or removal by sheriff’s deputies.

The CCRT has helped to build approximately 10 community watch groups in various areas of the county. These groups have helped to provide information in investigations and helped identify criminal activity such as the meth lab bust that occurring in Deep Run a few weeks prior. CCRT also works to reduce crime utilizing enforcement campaigns in certain areas to reduce criminal activity. One of these enforcement techniques involves driver license checking stations to ensure compliance with motor vehicle laws. In many instances, enforcing various motor vehicle laws evolves into more serious criminal violations.

On Saturday, June 15, a Lenoir County man met the deputies of the CCRT at one of these checkpoints on Will Baker Road. Jimmy Dale Britt, 60 of 5543 Skeeter Pond Road, Grifton approached the checking station and showed Deputy Stocks his driver license. While talking with Britt, Deputy Stocks “smelled a strong odor of marijuana coming from inside the vehicle.” It is nothing unusual to smell marijuana, but what happed next was unusual. Based upon the odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle, Deputy Stocks and other CCRT deputies conducted a search of Britts’ vehicle and located where the odor of marijuana was coming from…..the trunk. When deputies opened the trunk, they saw four large bails of marijuana wrapped in the clear plastic. Each one of these bales weighed approximately 10 pounds each.

The investigation did not stop there, based upon information received during the incarceration of Britt, CCRT deputies obtained a search warrant for Britts’ home and seized approximately six more pounds of marijuana. In total, CCRT seized approximately 46 pounds of marijuana and about $10,000 in US Currency of suspected drug money.

Jimmy Dale Britt was charged with trafficking marijuana by possession, trafficking marijuana by transport and maintaining a vehicle for controlled substances. Britt was confined in the Lenoir County Sheriff’s Detention Center under $55,000.00 secured bond.

Please contact Major Ryan Dawson at 252-559-6101 or by email at [email protected] with any questions.