Meet Shelley Lott Brown, a married Tennessee mother of two children and three poodles. She’s also a teacher at Goodlettsville Middle School. Scratch that – she was a teacher at Goodlettsville Middle School; a physical education teacher. Did she retire? Nope. She risked her marriage, job and reputation just to enjoy a couple of trysts with a 14-year-old student. These sexual liaisons were alleged to have occurred at least twice in the summer of 2014, between the boy’s middle and high school years. He had been one of her own students.
She turned herself into authorities last Tuesday after a five-month investigation stemming from an anonymous call to the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services brought her dastardly deeds to light back in October of 2014.
According to her now-removed bio page on Goodlettsville Middle School's website, she had been with the school for over eight years. It also revealed that in her free time, she ‘enjoys going to church, hanging out with friends, watching silly reality shows, and spending time with [her] husband, two children and three poodles.’
She stands accused of two counts of statutory rape by an authority figure and was placed on administrative leave back in December, so she had more free time than she likely knew what to do with. That problem was solved for her when she was placed in jail, where she still resides, on a $75,000 bond.