Bryntawe Comprehensive School in Swansea, South Wales is in an uproar after two students heard the headmaster, 51-year-old Graham Daniels, and chemistry teacher, 37-year-old Bethan Thomas, getting their freak on in the headmaster’s office.

Although the door was closed, both a female and a male student heard the moans, groans and heavy breathing from the other side of the door. The female became uncomfortable hearing it while waiting on a parent to pick her up, and went outside to wait. The male, on the other hand, chose to record it on his cellphone, then proceeded to post it to YouTube and all over Facebook. It spread like wildfire from there.


The two of the them have since resigned their positions at the school.

Both Daniels and Thomas are married and have had a disciplinary hearing, expected to last approximately three days, called in regards to their liaison. It continues.