A precious 3-year-old boy, Elijah Marsh, dressed in only a t-shirt, diapers and boots, has died after wandering out of his parents' Toronto apartment in the middle of the night and getting locked out in subzero temperatures. It had been at least six hours that 3-year-old Elijah spent in temperatures that dipped down to -20 during the night.
He had been staying with his grandmother. The family awoke early the next morning to find the front door to their apartment wide open and the child missing.

He had apparently been locked out when the apartment building's main door locked behind him. The police were immediately called and the search began. Hundreds of volunteers joined a helicopter and police on horseback desperately searching for the missing toddler.
Elijah was eventually found by two of the volunteers. His tiny frame was huddled in a corner of a neighbor's yard against an air conditioning vent about 1,000 feet from the building's front door. He had frozen to death.
Police openly wept as they removed the child's body from his resting place.
A makeshift memorial has been set up outside the apartment building and a crowd-funding account set up for the funeral expenses. It has reached over $173,000 as of Sunday night — the remainder meant for his grieving family. HERE