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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) — A former Miss Kentucky is accused of sending naked photos to one of her former students.

Ramsey Bearse, 28, is now a middle school teacher in Cross Lanes, West Virginia.

Police say the parents of one of her former students found nude photos of Bearse on their 15-year-old’s phone. They told police about it, and officers said Bearse admitted to it.

She’s charged with four felony counts of distributing obscene material to a minor.


The Polk County Sheriff’s Office on Friday released a disturbing video that shows two teenage girls fighting. Deputies say the video also shows a woman coaching one of the girls during the brawl.

Giselle Reyes Felix, 36, is accused of instigating a fight between the girls. She was arrested on charges of Child Abuse and Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor.

Neither girl was seriously injured during the fight, which happened on Nov. 29.

According to an arrest affidavit, Reyes Felix drove a 16-year-old girl to the area of where a 17-year-old girl lived in Kissimmee, because of problems between the two teens.

The 17-year-old victim was walking home from school when she heard a car horn and saw a car quickly approaching her. The 16-year-old suspect yelled at the victim and then attacked her, according to the affidavit.

Deputies say while the two girls were fighting, Reyes Felix, the , was coaching the suspect on what to .

When the victim fell on her back, the 16-year-old stomped on her head multiple times with her feet. A Good Samaritan was able to stop the fight temporarily, but deputies say Felix encouraged the 16-year-old to again attack the other girl.

The 16-year-old suspect was arrested and charged with Battery.

“Our adult suspect was supposed to be responsible for the 16-year-old girl. Instead, she not only drove the girl to the victim, but she also incited and encouraged a fight, and coached the girl on how to hit the victim. This was totally irresponsible,” said Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd.

The identities of the two girls have not been released.


Bel Air, MD – A Maryland police agency is sharing a video of a child stealing packages off porches as a reminder about holiday thefts.

It’s a reminder that at holiday times, people need to take extra caution to be aware of what’s happening in their neighborhoods.

Harford County Sheriff’s Office shared a video of a child no older than age 8 stealing a package of a porch after getting directions from someone out of the camera’s view.


Shocking footage has emerged of an arsonist blowing himself up as he attempted to set a car on fire with two accomplices in Canada. Montreal police are seeking the public’s help in locating three men who were involved in setting an SUV on fire on Wednesday morning.The arson attack was caught on camera at 10.55 am on Wednesday in Montreal’s Mile Ex district.The surveillance video shows three men walking around a red 2018 Dodge Journey, opening its doors and pouring liquid from a jerry can.


An Ohio woman busted shoplifting has attracted attention for her rather unusual mugshot that features her full-face skull tattoo. Alyssa Zebrasky, 27, (pictured in current mugshot and inset in 2012) was arrested around 6:30pm Wednesday when police were called to the Walmart in Boardman Township after she was caught stealing a bag. During a search, police said they found a hypodermic needle, a ‘whitish rock like substance’ and an ‘orange pill’ in containers inside her purse.

Zebrasky last posted photos to Facebook in 2012, when she had very little tattoos and lighter hair.

Her mugshot has since garnered media attention due to the pronounced tattoos on her face. What appears to be a spider’s web is stretched across her forehead while skull-like features surround her eyes, cover her nose and can be spotted on the sides of her face and on the skin above and below her lips.

A married substitute teacher who blamed her 15-year-old student victim for their affair by telling Michigan police that he initiated the sexual assaults has been sentenced to 25 months to 15 years in prison.

Allyson Brittany Moran, 27, who was convicted of third-degree criminal sexual conduct, was scolded by a judge and a prosecutor during her sentencing hearing in Lansing on Wednesday after she admitted that she used the affair to ‘find comfort’.

Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Steve Kwasnik told the court: ‘[Moran] used her position to gain his trust … and she took that and manipulated it into something for personal gratification. She lured him into an adulterous affair.’


With the huge success of the Netflix original, Making a murderer, the world got a chance to see to the struggles and torment of a potentially wrongly convicted person, and although the case of Steven Avery is an extreme example…. There are an unfortunate amount of people who have been accused of horrendous crimes they did not commit, some of which are in fact executed, only to be posthumously exonerated through the use DNA testing or campaigns like the innocence project… Here are five people who were wrongly convicted for crimes they had absolutely no involvement in.


A YOUNG MAN, who went through more than 40 body modification procedures, claims to be “the world’s most modified youth.” Ethan Bramble, from Melbourne, Australia has had a string of body modifications including getting his tongue spilt, the removal of his belly button and even tattooing his eyeballs black. Ethan, who recently turned 22, has always had a passion for body art and started modifying his body at just 11-years-old.


This is the shocking moment a homeless man was caught shoving a stranger under a truck in an unprovoked daytime attack in downtown Los Angeles.

Disturbing surveillance footage shows the victim being knocked into a busy road and pinned under the wheels of a truck.

The man – thought to be in his 60s – is said to have been critically injured by the brutal assault after being pushed into the oncoming traffic.


Surveillance cameras captured two men who walked into the Prodigy Cuts barbershop in Cleveland and tried to rob the place in October 2016. The shop’s two barbers drew their own guns and opened fire. A 5-year-old boy suffered a gunshot wound in the foot. Two men convicted of the crime were sentenced to prison in December 2018.

A crash ended in an arrest and an unusual discovery by troopers who pulled a driver over along I-4, according to investigators.

A 911 call started a pursuit between troopers and a truck driven by Shane Taylor on Saturday.

The truck was wanted for a crash that happened a bit earlier, officials said.

Dash cam video shows the trailer swerving, sparks flying, and the moment when troopers eventually stopped the driver.

There were several animals inside the truck, including a lemur that jumped out and gave troopers a difficult time when they tried to capture it.

There was also a wallaby, a tortoise, a goat and some sheep.

During the stop, troopers also interviewed two drivers who claimed to have been struck by Taylor.

A third victim came forward at the FHP station.

Troopers also said there was a strong odor coming from Taylor’s vehicle.

He was arrested and faces several charges, including DUI and reckless driving.


VISALIA, Calif. (WPVI) — A California high school teacher is facing charges, accused of forcibly cutting a student’s hair in class, then trying to turn the scissors on other teens all while belting out the Star Spangled Banner. Students say 52-year-old Margaret Gieszinger came into class with a pair of shears, declaring it was haircut day. One witness says everyone, including the teen who lost a chunk of hair, thought it was a joke at first. But when the teacher started grabbing at another girl’s braid, the students ran for the office. She has been charged with suspicion of corporal injury to a child. The school says Gieszinger will not return to the classroom.


He was expecting a large check to be delivered Thursday morning at his home in South Fulton. But instead, 18-year-old Charles Turner was arrested, accused of trying to scam Georgia out of more than $20 million in phony tax returns. Turner allegedly used an online gaming and electronics business to steal bank account information. Then, according to the Georgia Department of Revenue, Turner created a scheme where he overpaid taxes in hopes of reaping big refunds.


Lancaster, OH – The Fairfield County Dog Warden’s Office is investigating a dog attack that wounded a Lancaster police officer Sunday morning, according to police officials. The officer shot the dog as he was being attacked.

Lancaster police were called to a home on Sheridan Drive for a well-being check around 9:30 a.m. when they say a resident’s “mixed breed” dog attacked them.

Police body cameras captured the attack, which lasted a couple of seconds before the shot was fired. Video shows officers talking to a woman in a driveway when a dog comes towards them. According to Officer Chad Helser, the dog came at him first, but he kicked at it before the animal turned toward Officer Jim Schorr.

Helser’s report said the dog jumped at Schorr, biting his left forearm. During the attack Schorr shot the dog once.


A woman has pleaded guilty to killing her boyfriend by stabbing him, hitting him with a table leg and crushing him under the weight of her roughly 300 pounds.

Windi Thomas, of Erie, faces a sentence of 18 to 36 years after pleading guilty to third-degree murder. She had been scheduled for trial next week, but instead will be sentenced on Dec. 21.

The 44-year-old Thomas admitted killing Keeno Butler last March, partially by lying on top of him. Thomas weighs about 300 pounds, while the 44-year-old Butler weighed about 120 pounds.

Thomas was reportedly drunk and wanted to smoke crack when the pair got into an argument that ended in Butler’s death.

Butler, who went by the nickname “Loco”, is survived by a daughter, Adele Brown, two grandchildren, his mother and nine siblings including Sandra, according to his obituary.



An individual committed a robbery by sudden snatching in the area of US 19 and Flora Avenue. As he was fleeing the robbery, the individual struck another vehicle and this crash was witnessed by Pasco Sheriff’s deputies after which a short pursuit was initiated before being disengaged due to the suspect traveling at over 100 mph.

Shortly after the pursuit was discontinued, the suspect lost control of his vehicle as he continued heading northbound on US 19 and struck Deputy Henrici’s vehicle at approximately 70 mph. This crash is captured in the below body worn camera footage and again highlights the dangers our deputies face every shift.

The suspect fled the scene on foot and was apprehended shortly after.

Thankfully, Deputy Henrici and the suspect suffered only minor injuries.


Floriduhhhhhhhhh : The clumsy thief was caught on CCTV raiding a Hyundai dealership in Lakeland

This is the hilarious moment a bungling burglar breaks through the wall of a car dealership, but loses his pants in the process.

Police in the town of Lakeland, Florida released the clip on Friday as they appealed for help from the public to catch the unwitting criminal who broke into the store earlier this month.

Footage shot at around 9pm on November 18 shows the man struggling to get in through a gap in the wall having punched a hole in it using a fire extinguisher.


The Kansas City Chiefs have released star running back Kareem Hunt, saying that he lied about kicking and shoving a 19-year-old woman during an altercation that was caught on video. Video footage of the incident at a Cleveland hotel in February emerged on Friday, and the Chiefs said in a statement that the footage proved that Hunt had been ‘untruthful’ with investigators.

The Chiefs said that Hunt would be released ‘immediately’. Hunt, 23, had helped propel the Chiefs to first place in the AFC with a 9-2 record, and had been seen as one of the team’s best shots of securing a Super Bowl title. It is now unclear whether he will ever play again. In addition to being cut from the Chiefs, Hunt has been placed on the NFL Commissioner Exempt list, meaning he is barred from practicing, playing in or attending games. Hunt responded to being cut in a statement to ESPN, saying: ‘I want to apologize for my actions. I deeply regret what I did. I hope to move on from this.’

Kareem Hunt Hotel Aftermath Video:


PENNSYLVANIA: A Fayette County man has died after being shot by his wife in a dispute over breakfast oats earlier this year. According to police, John Maki was shot inside a home in the 300 block of Imel Road in Saltlick Township, Fayette County on April 5. Sources close to the investigation say Maki was not satisfied with the type of oats Rachel Eutsey allegedly bought and served him.