A Michigan man is behind bars on a murder charge for allegedly killing his wife by spiking her cereal with heroin.
Jason Harris, 44, of Davison, was arrested Tuesday and charged in connection with the death of his wife five years ago.

When Christina Ann-Thompson Harris, 36, died in September 2014 after being found unresponsive in her home, it was ruled an accidental overdose, the Genesee County prosecutor, David Leyton, said at a news conference.

On the day she was found, a neighbor told police that Harris had called asking her to check on his wife.

When the neighbor discovered Christina Harris in her bed and was unable to wake her, she called another neighbor, who is a nurse. The nurse realized the woman had died and called 911.

By the time police arrived, Jason Harris was there. He told officers that his wife had been battling a cold and when he left for work that morning she had been coughing and in a restless sleep, Leyton said at the news conference Tuesday.
A medical examiner said her death was due to accidental heroin toxicity, a ruling that shocked her family and friends.

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