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1) possession of a controlled substance
2) 2 counts of burglary, 2 counts of criminal damage to property
3) domestic abuse battery
4) DWI
5) possession of false identification
6) residential burglary
7) resisting arrest without violence
8) Parole Violation
9) drug trafficking
10) possession of a firearm


1) resisting officer without violence
2) battery by strangulation
3) possession of narcotics and possession of drug paraphernalia
4) possession of drug paraphernalia and failure to appear
5) failure to appear
6) possession of a controlled substance
7) misrepresentation of age
8) battery causing bodily harm
9) failure to appear
10) possession of a fake or stolen ID and DUI


1) public nudity and resisting arrest
2) Second-degree murder
3) possession of a controlled substance
4) DWI, BAC three times the legal limit
5) receiving of stolen property
6) reckless driving
7) charges unknown…what she do
8) violation of protective order
9) DUI and minor in possession of alcohol
10) assault

A 30-year-old woman was arrested Monday on suspicion of murder after police were informed by the medical examiner that her husband died as a result of blunt force trauma.

According to arresting documents, officers with Unified Police responded on an unconscious male near 4800 S Townsend way in Kearns on March 11.

After police and Unified Fire arrived, they found Carlos Vizcarra-Corona, 33, deceased.

Investigators said his wife, Veronica Vizcarra, told them her husband had a serious alcohol problem and takes too much Tylenol. Corona had been in the hospital for the alcohol abuse about 4 months ago, documents state.

Officers noticed Corona had healing bruises found on his chest, back and face and his wife told them he had been in a fight at work about 2 weeks ago but Corona’s sister said she had a dispute with Veronica Vizcarra on scene and that her brother had not been in a fight at work, according to documents.

The Medical Examiner told investigators that Corona did have some serious medical issues due to alcohol use, however, his cause of death was blunt force trauma with a ruptured spleen and would be ruled a homicide, documents state.

The M.E. said the injury was in a stage of healing but was unable to heal due to the extensive damage.

Detectives continued their investigation and talked to several known witnesses who had spoken to Corona between February 27 and March 11. All of the witnesses said Corona had told them his wife had beaten him with a staple or nail gun on February 27.

Some of the witnessed were able to provided photos of the man’s injuries that were consistent with the healing injuries located on his body the day he died.

Two of the known witnesses who work with Corona said he did not get into a fight with any co-workers as his wife had told police, documents state.


1) possession of a firearm, possession of a controlled substance
2) boating under the influence
4) providing false ID to a police officer, possession of alcohol under 21
5) DUI
6) possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia
7) promoting prison contraband in the second degree
8) Assault
9) DUI
10) interfering with public duties
11) out of county warrant
12) theft between $50 and $500


) suspicious possession of drug paraphernalia
2) disorderly conduct and harassment (look below for video)
3) assault causing injury
4) armed violence, possession of 15-100 grams of methamphetamine
5) reckless driving and fleeing scene of an accident
6) DUI
7) aggravated battery
8) distribution of child pornography (sent a minors nudes on social media)
9) alcohol possession by person under 21
10) DUI


1) possession of a controlled substance
3) violation of probation and failure to appear
4) possession of a firearm and intent to sell and distribute narcotics
5) murder (shot her boyfriend 15 times)
6) DUI
7) attacked boyfriend, while naked after he refused to have sex with her
8) possession of a controlled substance
9) Charges Unknown…What She Do?
10) theft


1) trespassing property after warning, disorderly conduct, resisting an officer
2) felony criminal mischief (shot a gun out of a car while driving around)
3) disorderly conduct
4) possession of marijuana
5) possession of a loaded firearm
6) grand theft of a controlled substance (teacher stole another teachers adderall prescription)
7 )DUI
8) Child Neglect
9) Prostitution
10) driving with a suspended license


1) assault and battery
2) probation violation
3) possession of controlled dangerous substances with intent to sell
4) possession of cocaine
5) DUI
6) possession of cannabis
7) operating a motor vehicle without headlights expired drivers license
8) charges unknown..what she do?
9) burglary
10) driving with measurable contraband, possession of marijuana
11) attempted murder and unlawful use of a firearm
12) domestic battery