July and August of 2013 will never be the same for two people. One of them, a 15-year-old boy. The other, 27-year-old Amber Anderson, a math teacher at Christian Life Academy. The former was a freshman at the school.
The boy’s mother found some some inappropriate texts between the two in 2013 and even told the school, but nothing was done. It wasn’t until a friend of his, just this month, told the mother the actual extent of their relationship.
The majority of the texts were being sent between 10 pm and 2 am. The victim told police that as they became closer and closer, the texts became more and more sexual – both in text and photos.
As time went on, she would start picking him up at a nearby restaurant so that they could go to her home and have sex.
After learning of the 2013 series of events, the founder of the academy, Dr. JereMelilli, claimed he knew nothing about it. “I do not know anything about this,” he said.”
“This is the first day that I have heard anything of this nature. We would have taken care of it then and she would no longer have been working for us that day I heard,” he continued. “We're devastated and yet we are thankful that it has been exposed because that type of thing just cannot be tolerated in an academic setting like this.” He made clear that Amber Anderson would be fired.
Ms. Anderson apologized to police for what she referred to as the ‘mistake’ she’d made in ‘taking the boy’s innocence.’ She admitted to all she’d been accused of and is being held on charges of carnal knowledge of a juvenile – a felony.

She’s currently in jail in lieu of $25,000 bail.